Thursday, June 2, 2011

Musician Max Bemis And His Experiences With Bipolar Disorder

One of my favorite musicians with bipolar disorder is Max Bemis of Say Anything. Bemis is open about his bipolar diagnosis and some of the songs he has written such as Sorry, Dudes. My Bad, and The Church Channel deal with bipolar disorder. I found clips of an interview that Bemis did for MTVU's Half Of Us.  View the interview below. I think it is very informative, and Bemis did a good job of expressing what it is like to have bipolar disorder.

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  1. I absolutely love Max Bemis and I find it so respectful for him to talk about his mental health like this, and that he was still able to get success through all of this. He is my favorite, I've seen Say Anything 3 times in concert and will always be a huge fan of Max <3