Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Contoversy Over Bipolar Disorder And Religion

Religion and spirituality are very touchy topics among people with Bipolar Disorder.  People with Bipolar Disorder seem to have very strong beliefs about spirituality and religion, whether they believe in a higher power or not.  There doesn't seem to really be a huge middle ground when it comes to believing, or not believing in a higher power in the bipolar community.  Some people believe whole-heartedly in a higher power and use this belief to help in their treatment.  They believe that having spirituality helps them deal with their own internal struggles that come along with living day to day with Bipolar Disorder.  On the other side of the spectrum, are the people who do not believe in a higher power at all.  This is usually the result of the negative feelings caused by Bipolar Disorder and the questions, "If there is a higher power, why would he/she/it make people with Bipolar Disorder? Why would this higher power make people live through so much emotional pain?" There is also the issue of increased religious beliefs during manic episodes with psychotic features.  This kind of episode can cause people who are not religious to become extremely religious or spiritual.  However, once the episode ends, they often see religion and spirituality in a negative manner because the increased spirituality stemmed from an episode that was very disrupting and destructive.  In the end, there really is no right answer as to whether religion is right or wrong when it comes to coping with Bipolar Disorder.  We all believe in whatever we need to believe in to help us cope, and live the happiest lives we can possibly live.

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