Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Difference In Suicide Rates Between Men And Women

One of the misconceptions about suicide statistics pertaining to the difference among men and women is that men attempt suicide more than men.  The reality is that three women attempt suicide for every man who attempts suicide.  However men are much more successful in completing suicide leading to the total number of successful suicides being higher in men than in women.  This is because men usually use guns to commit suicide where women are more likely to try and overdose or cut themselves.  These are important statistics that challenge the belief that women are better able to cope with emotions leading to a lower suicide rate.  In reality the rate of suicide in women is lower because of the means chosen to complete the suicide.  It also shows that men do in fact seek help if their rate of suicide attempts is lower than the attempted suicide rate amongst women.  Is it possible that men choose guns because men who attempt suicide are more determined to actually kill themselves?  Are women who attempt suicide more on the fence about killing themselves?  The issue of suicide amongst the different sexes is an interesting topic that leaves a lot of room for discussion and differing opinions.  It is also important to remember that 90% of people who complete suicide have the symptoms to meet a psychiatric diagnosis at the time of their suicide.  We need to raise awareness about suicide, and talk about the risk factors in men and women such as mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and postpartum depression among many others.

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  1. For me mental illnesses is one reason for suicidal attempt, maybe because they can no longer live with their depression. Women more likely to be serious in their problem that no one share with while men do have peers to consult to.